Networked On-Air Light

On March 11, 2012 by xbeewireless

Networked On-Air Light

By Matt Richardson

Project Write-Up on Make:Projects

“In true spirit, Make: Live is very much a DIY production. Instead of tripods, we use zip ties to mount webcams to chairs and we jury rig an old monitor to act as our prompter. Along those lines, I decided to create an on air light to indicate when we’re broadcasting. While I could have just wired a switch to a light fixture, I wanted to take the idea a step further. Using Ustream’s API, I set up our on air light to turn on automatically when we start broadcasting. This project was just for fun, but learning how to use the XBee Internet Gateway to get the Arduino online wirelessly will come in very handy for future projects.”

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  • John

    This is a great project! I am looking to do the same but with my XBOX or Xbox-Live.

    Use case: I have an Xbox in my basement office and I use headphones. My wife talks to me even thought I have my headphones on. Lots of missed conversations.

    What I would like one of two things. If I am logged into Xbox-live the light goes on. Or if my Xbox is turned on the light goes on…

    Any Ideas?

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