Check ‘N Chew: Foursquare-enabled Gumball Machine

On August 20, 2012 by xbeewireless

By Matt Richardson, Tyler DeAngelo and Ben Light

Check ‘N Chew offers immediate gratification to social media users. The concept is simple, check into Foursquare and get a gumball.

Matt, Tyler and Ben hacked a basic gumball machine by adding a stepper motor, Arduino and an XBee. There’s a port on the rear of the machine that plugs into a wall to power it all (see photo above). The Check ‘N Chew communicates wirelessly with an ethernet-to-wireless gateway device. When someone checks into an authorized location, information is sent from a server to the gateway, and a gumball is dispensed. The whole process is quite speedy, only taking a couple of seconds from Foursquare check-in to gumball dispensing.

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