06. 10. 2015

Home Automation System

By Szilveszter Molnár This Home Automation system is based on XBee connected devices and controlled by a Netduino or a Windows IoT Core based Raspberry PI 2. Each of the remote sensors and actuators...

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06. 12. 2012
Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 10.07.53 AM

XIG Stock Tracker

By Digi’s own Dave Olson  This XIG Stock Tracker or a “stock fortune teller” wirelessly provides real-time updates of the DIGI, or any, stock status using the XBee Internet Gateway for windows. Stock updates as soon as...

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19. 11. 2012
weather meter

DIY Tweeting Weather Station

Monitor Hurricanes With a DIY Auto-Tweeting Weather Station on Wired With the accessibility of easily configurable, low-energy-consuming technology, we can mitigate part of that problem by building a not-too-tricky, self-tweeting weather station. One...

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12. 09. 2012
Peppers in the iDigi Garden

Digi Garden

By Digi International At our company headquarters in Minnetonka, Minnesota, we have a self regulating garden. To eliminate the risk of forgetting to water the crops or just to stay comfortable on an...

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20. 08. 2012
Check 'N Chew

Check ‘N Chew: Foursquare-enabled Gumball Machine

By Matt Richardson, Tyler DeAngelo and Ben Light Check ‘N Chew offers immediate gratification to social media users. The concept is simple, check into Foursquare and get a gumball. Matt, Tyler and Ben...

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26. 06. 2012

XBee Enabled Ice Fishing Pole

By Dave Olson The XBee enabled ice fishing pole alerts the fisherman by text when a fish is on the line. “This means no more long hours on the ice staring at your tip up or...

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11. 03. 2012

Networked On-Air Light

Networked On-Air Light By Matt Richardson Project Write-Up on Make:Projects “In true spirit, Make: Live is very much a DIY production. Instead of tripods, we use zip ties to mount webcams to chairs and...

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09. 03. 2012


CheerLights By ioBridge Labs CheerLights Website “CheerLights is an ioBridge Labs project that allows people’s lights all across the world to synchronize, stay linked based on social networking trends. It’s a way to connect...

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08. 03. 2012

An Alchemists Wand for the 21st Century

An Alchemists Wand for the 21st Century By Gian Pablo Villamil An Alchemists Wand for the 21st Century on Villamil.org “This art piece incorporates a number of brooms that have been modified to detect...

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