Assembled by Liz Presson & Rob Faludi to share the amazing things made with Digi® XBee® radios
08. 04. 2014
XBee Fish

Soft Robotic Fish

By Andrew Marchese Built by a team of researchers at MIT, this soft robotic fish mimics the motions of a real fish. Soft robots’ movements are generated by pumping liquid through channels. This...

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20. 01. 2014
XBee Dog Sensor

Dog Detection System

By Axel Dittmann   After discovering his dog raiding the garbage, Axel decided it was time to rig up a warning system– ensuring it never happens again. He built a motion detecting system...

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14. 01. 2014
XBee Ocean Sensor

Indigo V Water Sensor

By Russell Neches   Indigo V is an oceanic research team that recently completed a journey across the Indian Ocean. Over a span of six months, they traveled all the way from Cape...

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13. 12. 2013


By UC Berkeley CITRIS Lab Students Students at UC Berkeley have modded Google Glass in order to control home appliances. It’s as simple as looking at the device, selecting from the menu, and...

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03. 12. 2013
Social Synapses

Social Synapses

Inspired by the co-reliance that enables students to push their intellectual boundaries, Alexandra Olivier and Andrew Reiter created an interactive installation, “Social Synapses”, in the science center of Wellesley College. As students connect with...

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03. 12. 2013
Robot Formation

Multi-Robot Formations

By Keisuke UTO Multi-Robot Formation Control by self-made robots. The robot formation responds to the users shape drawn on a tablet. Robots are controlled by wireless communication with XBee and Arduino FIO. A USB...

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03. 12. 2013
XBee Piano

Giant Digital Piano

This project was built by a team of students as a part of Duke University’s first hackathon. The build consists of large pads set on the ground that detect pressure and relay signals...

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15. 10. 2013

Programmable Christmas Lights

By Mike Sutherland Mike Sutherland created programmable Christmas lights using XBees. This wireless design enables the lights to flash in a choreographed patterns and add something spectacular to your Christmas light display.  Wireless...

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03. 10. 2013
ConcertCam Diagram


By Brad Grzesiak   The ConcertCam was designed to add a little extra fun, and a picture or two, to a concert-goer’s experience. By pressing a giant green button placed in the middle...

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30. 09. 2013

Apitronics Farm Monitoring System

By Louis Thiery Apitronics is a wireless platform that enables farmers to develop sensor networks to meet their specific needs through the use of open hardware. It includes a base station, or “Hive,”...

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