Assembled by Digi International's Liz Presson & Rob Faludi to share the amazing things made with Digi® XBee® radios
12. 12. 2014
Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 2.37.27 PM

Monitoring Amazon Wildlife with Drones

The goal of Tapirnet is to apply an economic value to the Amazon Rainforest by developing an automated and sustainable system to document wildlife in the Amazon. The location of this project is...

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30. 10. 2014
Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.46.43 AM

Wireless Firing System

The loudest, brightest, and most explosive project in the gallery to date. The TX20 and the RX20 is a 20 cue, 200 channel wireless firing system, used by pyrotechnicians for firing fireworks. Both...

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26. 09. 2014


By Kate Hartman “Nudgeables are an evolving set of accessories that allow the wearer to nudge a companion from a short distance away. These devices are inspired by “signals” (scratch of the nose,...

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14. 07. 2014
CanSat Pic

CanSat Solar Powered Data Collection

By Universidad del Valle de Guatemala This year, the mission of the Texas CanSat Competition was to simulate the descent of a delicate sensor payload. As the payload descends from the sky the teams’...

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08. 07. 2014

Wireless Robotic Hand

By Gabry295 For his final high school project, Gabry built a robotic hand that is controlled wirelessly via XBee. The user puts on a glove and the robotic hand mimics the movements of the...

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02. 05. 2014

Animatronic Iron Man Suit

By Jerome Kelty “The suit is basically broken down into three systems: left side, right side and boots. The left hand has two RFID tags that trigger programmed sequences for the helmet, hip...

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08. 04. 2014
XBee Fish

Soft Robotic Fish

By Andrew Marchese Built by a team of researchers at MIT, this soft robotic fish mimics the motions of a real fish. Soft robots’ movements are generated by pumping liquid through channels. This...

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20. 01. 2014
XBee Dog Sensor

Dog Detection System

By Axel Dittmann   After discovering his dog raiding the garbage, Axel decided it was time to rig up a warning system– ensuring it never happens again. He built a motion detecting system...

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14. 01. 2014
XBee Ocean Sensor

Indigo V Water Sensor

By Russell Neches   Indigo V is an oceanic research team that recently completed a journey across the Indian Ocean. Over a span of six months, they traveled all the way from Cape...

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13. 12. 2013


By UC Berkeley CITRIS Lab Students Students at UC Berkeley have modded Google Glass in order to control home appliances. It’s as simple as looking at the device, selecting from the menu, and...

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