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  • Camalie Networks has done extensive characterization of the the XBee Pro 900HP radio and Digimesh over the last 6 months and have found it to be very robust with excellent range and mesh routing over ridges and into valleys of Mt. Veeder, Napa Valley.

    A network by itself is useless if it doesn’t have something interesting to transport. To enable rapid addition of sensors and actuators to this network we have chosen to make our nodes arduino compatible. To get data to the web we have created an inexpensive Linux gateway using pcDuino. This gateway also supports arduino code development. Finally to store the data and present it via the web we use a standard Linux/Apache web server with a few hundred lines of PERL script to communicate with the gateway. The server runs open source Ubuntu packages, drraw and RRDtools to store and present the data. As far as we know this would be the only open source end to end solution for bringing data from far flung arduino platforms wirelessly connected by XBee radios.

    We have found that all the components need to be in place before real value can be extracted from XBee wireless and arduino platforms. Sensors/Actuators, transceiver nodes, gateway, and Web based database, grapher, alerts, controls, and map are all part of a usable system. The absence of an open source end to end reference design for such a system is limiting the rate of roll out of applications which use these technologies. This is where Camalie Networks has chosen to focus its efforts. Please comment.

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